Current Herd Sires
CDI King 172Y
DBS Chisum 705Z
GW Lucky Quarter 622X
GW Lucky Ace 872X
Hills 44 Mag W15
Hills Merit SureBet Z10
Hills On Time Z1
JR Man He is Nice Z29
JR Man on the Move Z36
Mr Ishee Blackbrother
Mr Ishee Converter 816
Mr Ishee Superthick

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Dikemans Sure Bet
GW Redestined 642X

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Bon View New Design 1407
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V D A R Cedar Wind 8111
Hills 1407 YZ403

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Brown Covenant U7548

Reference Sires
BDV Lucky Man 115T
Hills 22 Mag X13
Hills Merit U16
NLC Rolex 102R

JR Man He is Nice Z29

ASA Number: 2653697  ♦  Birth Date: 1/2/2014  ♦  PB SIM Bull  ♦  Birth Type: Single
Owners: Hill's Ranch  ♦  Breeder: Double JR Simmentals

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JR Man He is Nice Z29
PedigreeASA #P/H
Nichols Legacy M722169618PP
Nichols Manifest T792416547PP
Nichols MCM N132214931P
JR Man He is Nice Z29PP
Sand Ranch Hand2290140PP
Miss Twinkle Two X352547427P
KR Miss Bridget N242249157P

CEBWWWYWMCEMilkMWWStayDoc CWYGMarbBFREAShrAPITI 33.0-0.250.18-0.0400.74-0.4612871
0.360.430.380.380.260.260.300.300.17 0.320.210.360.160.260.22

  ♦ Homozygous Black & Polled
  ♦ Our second Manifest son.
  ♦ His calves are a nice smooth set of cattle.
  ♦ He has been genomic tested to improve the accuracy of his EPDs.

Updated October/2014