Current Herd Sires
CDI King 172Y
DBS Chisum 705Z
GW Lucky Quarter 622X
GW Lucky Ace 872X
Hills 44 Mag W15
Hills Merit SureBet Z10
Hills On Time Z1
JR Man He is Nice Z29
JR Man on the Move Z36
Mr Ishee Blackbrother
Mr Ishee Converter 816
Mr Ishee Superthick

AI Sires
Dikemans Sure Bet
GW Redestined 642X

Angus AI Sires
Bon View New Design 1407
A A R Ten X 7008 S A
GAR Predestined
V D A R Cedar Wind 8111
Hills 1407 YZ403

Red Angus AI Sires
Brown Covenant U7548

Reference Sires
BDV Lucky Man 115T
Hills 22 Mag X13
Hills Merit U16
NLC Rolex 102R

The following is an EPD Report for our herd sires with bulls in the upcoming 2015 Bull Sale. You can see we will have a lot of new herd bulls this year. I will work to get them added individually to the website with notes and pictures so you can see which ones you prefer.

Click here for a larger EPD Report Herd Sires EPD Table

Hill's Ranch Herd Sires

When picking bulls to enter our breeding program, we look at weaning weight, calving ease and carcass EPD's first. We bred Simmentals and we try to keep the best traits from that breed and improve on others. Highly maternal, our cows have no trouble raising a calf and maintaining her own weight in some very dry and harsh conditions. Our herd bulls are kept on pasture all year round and get no additional feed except hay. The program is in place so that our bulls are fit and used to walking and foraging for grass. This enables them to go into breeding season and work in the same conditions our cow herd is in.

Updated 10/17/2014